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Rotterdam to Porec Croatia

This is a route we took from Rotterdam to Porec in the Autumn of 2014.  The route  through Holland, Germany, Austria and Slovenia is almost entirely motorway and tunnels take the road through the high points of the Alps. 
Our journey was done in 5 short stages, but providing night halts fitted, it could be done in less.

Distance 1540 kilometers
Tolls €52.36 each way
Made up of: Vignette for Austria €8.5 (10 days) and Slovenia €15 (7 days) Tunnels and road tolls €28.86

Rotterdam to Bavaria

Bavaria to Porec

Day 1:  Rotterdam to Munster 280 km crossing Holland using the A15, A3 and then over the border the A43 to Munster

Day 2:  Munster to Wurzburg 400 km, using A15,A3 and A43

Night Halt Camping Estenfeld

Day 3: Wurzburg to Bergen (Bavaria) 385 km. using A3,A9, A99 and A8

Night Halt Camping Wagnerhofd

Day 4: Bergen to Bled.260 km  using A8, A10, A11 and A2.
The Tauern and Karawanken toll tunnels are used and the route is not  difficult for vehicles towing. Vignettes for Austrian and Slovenian motorways can be bought at  service stations close to the German/Austrian border.

Night Halt Camping Bled


Camping Sobec Lesce    (More expensive but also more convenient)

Day 5: Bled to the Porec area approx 215 km (depending on final destination) using the A2 , A1 and A9 .There is a non motorway section of around 20 km straddling the border where passports are still checked and delays are  frequent  particularly at weekends.

An Alternate Route from Rotterdam or Zeebrugge to Porec

We took this route in September 2015 and 2016 (from Zeebrugge) and 2017 2018 and 2019

Distance1545 km

Day 1: Rotterdam to Oberweis  385km crossing Holland and Belgium via Antwerp and Liege using the A16,A3 and A27 

Night Halt  Camping Prumtal

Day 2: Oberwies to Aichelberg 379km  via Karlsruhe, Pfortzheim and Stuttgart using A62,A6,A61,A5 and A8.


Day 3: Aichelburg to Bergen 265km via Munich using A8

Night Halt  Camping Wagnerhofd

Then as 2014 route above via Bled