Using a Cool My Camper Air Conditioner

We had long wanted to add air conditioning to our caravaning life but the weight and cost of inbuilt units had deterred us. This unit is split into two parts  with an "umbilical cord" connecting them. This cord provides the power to the outside unit, the coolant circulation and water removal from the inside unit. It is slim enough to pass through the window seal even when locked in the fully closed position. It weighs about 24kg and travels in the car, the "cord" cannot be detached and it does make  handling it a little awkward as both units have to be moved together. It only takes 350 watts making it quite usable  on continental sites with lower amp supplies.

Full technical specifications and prices  are here on the suppliers site 


Locating the unit will depend on the caravan design and personal preference for example we stood the inside unit on the cooker top as we rarely cook inside the van but other windows could have been used.

It is fairly quiet in operation and our neighbors on site actually commented on it without any prompting. 
In Portugal when afternoon temperatures were in the high thirties, running for about 2 hours lowered the temperature 5 to 8 degrees and we did use it all evening on one very hot evening.