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Omnistor Practice

At long last we have had a nice day to practice putting up the Omnistor Awning and Panorama Room ourselves without leaving it until we reach our planned site where an audience will be waiting.

We took the precaution of copying and laminating the instruction booklet and it was well worth the effort.

With lots of reference to the instructions, the exercise took us about one hour without any pegging down. However we are sure that after a little practice when we are more familiar with the parts  an hour should complete the entire job. This is about half the time we have been taking with a large conventional awning and we now also have the convenience of the wind out awning for short stays permanently in place unlike the Fiammastore we used to have to remove when fitting a conventional awning.

 First, wind out the awning no more than one metre before extending the support legs.    Wind out to the full extent whilst keeping it supported by the legs
 Fit the side bars to the awning and tension up    Thread in the front and sides
 The "tent" is now assembled and will be tensioned by pegging  down .    Sides and front zip together and velcro strips tie them  back to the legs
 End bars create the seal against the caravan wall and corner struts tension them.  

 A view from the inside
The Finished result

Erected on site in Portugal


Erected without the front panels