Fitting an Omnistor Awning to the Lunar Clubman and transfer to Hobby Excellent

We enjoy having an  awning, it more than doubles our living space, gives us somewhere to cook, eat and occasionally entertain and when the weather is bad its great alternative to being fully indoors. However erecting it had become such a chore that we didn't use it for stays of less than a couple of weeks. For short stays we have relied on a Fiamma Caravanstore awning of the type that rolls up in a bag slotted into in the awning rail as a sun or quite often rain canopy and this had to be removed when the van when the full awning came out. 

Recently we saw in use, a Thule Omnistor awning that will serve for any length of stay, the wind out canopy is instantly available as a sunshade and when fitted with what Thule call a "room" it becomes a robust awning. We were impressed with the quality and practicality of it and the way the design stood up to a violent storm. When it was dismantled and packed away in a fraction of the time ours conventional type, we were sold even after discovering the eye-watering price.

 We placed an order with John Rose of Rose awnings at the NEC October show and it has now been fitted at our home. The awning attachment brackets are fixed with special adhesive without any screws actually piercing the roof, merely small locating screws into the awning rail to hold the bars in place whilst the adhesive is applied and sets. 

Whilst installing it John made sure we understood the relatively easy erection sequence but we are now waiting for the chance to practice putting it up without an audience before the next big outing.


 Fitting the roof bars    Applying adhesive
 Ready for the awning    Out of the box
 Awning in place    Awning bracket allows for some lateral adjustment
 Extending the canopy    Fitting the side bars
 Side panel fitting    

Our Practice putting it up