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Laundry on the Move

When away for several months at a time the washing basket has to be tackled one way or another. Campsite machines can be quite expensive at about  €5 a time and also often difficult to get to use on the first nice day after a spell of rain. In addition to the difficulties with machine washes, getting "hand washing" dry is another problem without first getting rid of the bulk of the water in a spin dryer.
We now have a portable twin tub machine that cost around £65 and after 3 years use it has more more than covered its cost and it is always available. 

It weighs around 7Kg and travels in the shower . We have not actually weighed the washing but it claims do a 2 KG wash. There is no water heater to trip the power supply, it is just  filled from the caravan and around 15 litres (2 fills) will do about a weeks wash for two of us.
In our first season using it, the main problem was rinsing water and its disposal, however we have now discovered a product known as Ecozone Ecoballs that does not use a conventional detergent and does away with the need to rinse.
Another approach to rinsing and the one we use now is to do the washing with normal detergents and take the washing along to the site washing sinks for rinsing .