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First Time away

Forget UK Campsite Practices

Anyone who has only been familiar with the UK way of doing things especially on sites operated by the main clubs will find things are very different in mainland Europe.


This is how it usually works outside high season

Pick your site from guides such as those of the  Camping Clubs, ACSI, Alan Rogers or best of all personal recommendation. Have a "Plan B" if possible.

Its accepted practice to arrive without notice but ring ahead if in doubt about space.
Report to the reception. Walk the site to see if you like it. If asked how long you are staying just give a rough estimate . Only accept allocated pitches if you like what's offered. Sites that reserve pitches will supply a list of what is available for your stay

Pitch how you like.

Leave when you like and pay on departure.

High season.

Through most of Europe it is July to Mid August and the Winter months at some Spanish resorts popular with "Snow Birds", odd weeks coinciding with school holidays in Germany can also fill up sites in particular areas such as the Italian Lakes.


In almost all cases on departure (or maybe the day before), advance payment may be required to take advantage of special rates for long stays. Not all sites accept credit cards  and some may require cash for special deals such as ACSI  rates.