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About Us


We are David and Marjorie and have been caravanning together since 1997. We retired early when our industries, Coal and Rail, were privatised.

What we do with the caravan

  • Take continental trips in Spring and Autumn.
  • Travel independently, occasionally meeting friends but never travel in convoy.
  • Hardly ever book sites and try not to commit to length of stay on arrival.
  • Don't use short ferry crossings that add extra days to our journey. 
  • Usually limit daily journeys to about 400 km or less
  • Use toll roads sparingly when it makes life easier.
  • Use discount schemes but only if we like the site. 


Where we go

We have traveled widely in Europe, including several visits to Italy, more recently Croatia and the countries en-route but have spent much of the time over the years in France, Spain and Portugal, tending now to visit fewer places but staying longer



  • Live an  outdoor life.
  • To follow our hobbies and interests, reading, bird watching and crafts.
  • Enjoy local foods and cooking for ourselves especially when we can get fish direct from the boat and fruit and vegetables from the markets.


Our outfit is a 2012  Lunar Clubman SB. It is towed with a Mercedes E220CDI Estate.

The caravan was chosen for its twin bed layout and full width rear washroom.
We have previously owned two German caravans, Hymer Nova and a Fendt Platin that we have been very satisfied with but exchange rates and lack of  Uk dealer support decided us on a British marque this time.
We have been traveling  with a Fiamma Caravanstore canopy and replacing this with a Bradcott full awning when settled but have recently had an Omnistor awning fitted together with a Panorama Room to create the "awning" for longer stays .See the fitting here

The E Class estate tows effortlessly and  after over 10000 miles towing with both the car and van fully loaded for long stays has averaged over  28 mpg. With the seats down an enormous space for all our gear is available, the only downside being that it is a very large car and this is most apparent on car parks.  .

Us on site

Us on site in Spain

Our Caravanning History


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